• Becki Munro

This year has shown us how resilient we are when we need to be

The biggest impact of this pandemic on the events industry has been the acceleration in the use of technology – and our willingness, as event professionals and audiences alike, to embrace it. The tech was already there, the pandemic has spring-loaded its use and pushed the industry into a new era.

Virtual and hybrid events create a fantastic opportunity to boost audience participation and allow us to extend our reach to those who would be unable to attend an in-person event. We welcome delegates from across the globe and so the power of technology will provide options for more people to interact – even when the possibility to meet face-to-face returns.

Another positive for our audience is the increased amount of learning to which they’ll have access. With face-to-face events, the event happens in real time and is then over; delegates must choose which sessions to attend, inevitably missing out on others. Recording sessions and making them available to watch back will allow delegates to see and learn more from each event. This flexible format will ultimately mean a much more significant legacy for the event.

For us, the future of the industry is about continuing to do what we already do, working collaboratively and keeping a solution-focused mindset. This year has shown us how resilient we are when we need to be. It has been about embracing change, finding alternative ways to do some things and knowing we will get through this. We remain positive. Events are here to stay; they might look and feel a bit different – but they’re definitely here to stay.

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